All Things Hair Extensions

Let's say you're looking for hair extensions. First question you will probably ask yourself is "how much?" When it comes to all things that help you feel more confident in your own skin, budgetting yourself not only limits your options, but it also affects your chances of finding products of quality. You as a person (myself included) may see physical upkeep as a chore, but I feel that when it comes to your self-confidence, you are investing into an extension of yourself (no pun intended). When you're looking to expand on what you already have, you want to make sure you're not taking short cuts. I can say a similar thing about finding a dentist and even a doctor. Do you really want someone to do a sketchy diagnosis on you?

I know there are handful of our clients that have tried almost every type of hair extension on the market and when I talk to them about their experiences, I take them to heart. All the misleading information, the blatant lies, the tears of frustration, extreme and incredibly costly upkeep for less than mediocre hair. I'll put it bluntly, it sucks! Especially when you were told "this is the best you're going to get". I say, to heck with them, don't settle for less. My point about clients who have tried just about every hair extension was that they lived through it all and their experience is priceless. That's how a good majority ended up with us at Hair By Cesare. They never gave up, and they didn't settle for less, they found us and they are still with us.

As you may or may not know, the only type of extension we do at our salon is by Hairdreams. Here is a little excerpt from their website:

"Hairdreams only uses refined, hand-selected 100% real human hair, that is characterized by the extraordinary healthy, natural-looking appearance and feel of the hair, resulting in a natural bounce and elasticity. The hair is purchased around the world based on strict ethical principles. It is tested with extensive Hairdreams quality control standards and patented with the most gentle processing method."

This little excerpt is a key description of the strict quality control methods they use for the strands that they distribute to their partner salons. I've done enough research at this point and I can tell you that any stylist that knows hair extensions will tell you "Hairdreams is the Rolls Royce of hair extensions". Maybe that sounds a bit intimidating, but I can assure you that the quality of hair is unlike any other extension I've ever seen or felt. Now aside from quality of hair, I want to go over why Hairdreams is one of the best companies for hair extensions. Every stylist that works with Hairdreams is trained and certified to represent their name, so it is absolutely essential that those stylists know exactly what they are doing. From the way they apply the hair to the way they blend the hair to yours. (Although I have heard some instances of some places not doing the application properly, that's why you always want to verify their partnership with Hairdreams themselves here.)

The other important difference between Hairdreams and a lot of other companies is that the hair we order is customizable, from the size of the thermal plastique bond, the undyed hair colors, to the size of the shaft to suit your real hair. The options with Hairdreams are almost limitless. They even offer micropieces that are just as customizable as the strands, nothing like a wig and look just as natural as someone without extensions. If this all sounds appealing to you and you feel that the integrity of your hair is being tarnished by some uncontrollable situations, I highly recomend you make a consultation appointment. From there, we can analyze your hair and go over your options and we can discuss a quote from there. I also encourage to do some reasearch on hair extensions and read other persons experiences. Our Yelp! reviews are a great place to start. You'd be surprised by how valuable that information can be.