Effortless Hair

When you think of “effortless” hair you may think it’s achieved

with ease, but in reality we do not wake up looking like

Effortless Hair

Julianne Hough with perfectly tousled and polished locks! Effortless waves are created with the right styling products combined with the correct sectioning and sometimes hot tools if necessary. The great thing about this effortless look is that it can be dressed up with a colorful lip or dressed down with a pair of oversized sunglasses and boyfriend jeans. It’s also a style that can last days when you touch up with a dry shampoo or working hairspray (not a traditional hairspray meant for setting a style, those tend to get sticky on the hair and can cause frizz).

The first step to this look is a great conditioner for your hair, conditioning your hair is the icing on the cake when it comes to a woman’s many bathroom rituals, which can make styling so much easier. For this look you’ll need to tame the frizz and smooth the cuticle so we recommend a great masque like L’oreal Absolut Repair Masque. This masque should be left on shampooed hair for at least two minutes and remember to always squeeze out excess water from your hair before applying the product.

The next step is prepping the hair to blow-dry (or even better air dry, if you have the time!) It’s best to use a leave in lotion or cream product, for shine and manageability. L’oreal Texture Expert Smoothing Lotion helps with heat protection while giving you the polished look with light hold. Apply a dime size amount into the palm of your hand and work through damp hair (roots to ends). If you’re choosing to blow dry, flipping your head upside down and focusing heat onto the root will help with volume.

The best tools to use when creating this look are either a medium size curling wand or a flat iron with beveled edges. Sectioning and direction are key when styling, so for this look make sure you’re taking diagonal back sections and curl away from the face. The size of the sections will determine the size of the wave (larger section, larger wave) so keep that in mind. This isn’t a style you brush out because it will cause the curls to all combine (and we want a piecey effortless look with texture), so instead you should twirl random sections around your finger and slightly tousle the hair. Then finish the look by applying either a lighting working hairspray like Alterna’s Working Spray that will give you a light hold without frizzing or if you prefer more texture apply a product like L’oreal Homme 2 Wax on the ends while twisting the sections.