Fresh Flavors for Fall Hair

Yes you read that right the Hair color trends of fall 2017 are picking up on many of our favorite flavors of fall.

Butterscotch, Caramel, Cinnamon and Warm Chocolate to name a few.

Trying a new hair color allows you to change with the seasons and make your own statement.

New this season Mushroom Brown

If your thinking portobello you might not be too far off. This slightly ashy color is derived by applying a series of Lowlights and highlights on top of an ash brown base for a very multi-dimensional color. Even better it helps conceal those pesky grays.... should you have any.

Cinnamon Chocolate

What a delicious way to add fresh dimension to dark hair. Warm chocolate base

with a hint of deep red hue that brings out a cinnamon tone. This color is sure to gain attention.

Deep Caramel Blond e

Ready to get back to your roots, then this is for you. Caramel blonde hair color is

warm and shiny and looks best on medium skin tones with darker eye colors such

as brown or black. If you want to go caramel blonde, leave your darker roots intact

and add caramel-hued highlighting.

With a Host of colors to choose from to Spice up your fall its a good idea to talk to your stylist and find out what best for you. Book a Consultation and let Cesare help you choose the perfect color for Fall