Hair Health

Its time to talk about something that isn’t discussed enough between stylists and clients, and that’s HAIR HEALTH! Healthy hair is not just about a rich hair masque or the right serum to smooth your split ends, it’s about preventing damage and knowing how to address problems you’re facing. There’s many obstacles people face with their hair, In this blog we’ll go discuss what can cause these problems along with ways to treat them naturally.

Hair Loss:

New studies are showing that more and more people are becoming Iron deficient due to poor diet, most people don’t know that they’re deficient and unfortunately this has a huge impact on new hair growth. Taking iron supplements have been shown to work wonders on balding men. Other great sources of iron are foods like lean red meat, turkey and egg yolks. Another deficiency linked to hair loss is Vitamin D. Being out in the sun usually produces this essential vitamin so it’s easiest to take it in vitamin form if you work indoors or wear sunblock regularly. Though diet and health have a large impact on hair loss, some hair loss is genetic. A great solution for genetic hair loss (or correcting the issue while new hair grows) are extensions or a micropiece (for clients with thinning hair above the parietal ridge of the head) or Bosley products that prompt new hair growth while repairing existing hair to prevent further breakage / hair loss.

Products To Use: Bosley Kits

Shedding Hair:

If you realize that more and more hair is collecting in your hairbrush or maybe you’re seeing hairs on your pillowcase when you wake up that you’ve never noticed before, this is considered increased shedding. Shedding is usually directly connected to hormone levels changing or Zinc deficiency. The most common issue we’ve been addressing in the salon is women complaining of mass hair shedding after being prescribed birth control so be sure to ask your doctor about side effects.

Zinc is needed for cell repair along with a healthy immune system it’s found in whole grain products, dairy and red meat.

Products To Use: L'Oreal Absolute Repair

Dry Scalp:

Whether it’s build up from product or dehydration, we suggest scalp treatments once a month or purchasing a good scalp exfoliation scrub. The scalp is the root of new growth for your hair, so follicle health is very important to promote and stimulate this. A great supplement to promote healthy scalp (along with skin) is Omega 3 because it’s packed with essential fatty acids. Also make sure you’re not over washing your hair or using too hot of water, stripping your scalp of natural oils can lead to a dry itchy scalp. A great quick fix that not only restores the cuticle to give shine but also clarifies the scalp, is the Alterna Caviar Treatment that is offered in salon.

Products To Use:


Sick of those fly away hairs?! Stop breakage and brittle hair! The entire hair shaft is made of mostly protein, so without it you will inevitably have weak hair that breaks much easier. Not only is a low protein diet shown to cause weak hair, it’s also been proven to cause color loss in hair. So if your hair is looking dull and lifeless, try upping your protein intake with chicken, turkey, beef, egg or low-fat dairy. Be sure to use a natural bristle brush on dry hair and a wide toothcomb on wet hair, it will ease tangles and help prevent further breakage. Another great secret for breaking hair is a silk pillowcase; you will see such a massive improvement in frizzy hair or breakage when you switch to a silk pillowcase from your ordinary cotton.