The MANual

The most relevant men's trend at the moment is the beard and the newest term is "lumbersexual"

This efortless look is anything but. Although having facial hair is supposed to look rugged and carefree. theres a huge difference between a well-groomed man and a man who looks like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Don't be Tom Hanks! Take the time to groom your beard appropriately in just a couple of easy steps.

1. Don't let your beard turn into a neck sweater.

If your facial hair is traveling below your adams apple, it needs to be tamed. We always suggest cleansing the area before shaving to avoid stubborn ingrown hairs or razor burn. Our favorite product to use is Vivid MD Purifying Whipped Cleanser because not only does it cleanse the area but it lathers into a shaving cream that fights Folliculitis (infection of the hair follicles in the skin that cause ingrown hairs)

2. Use beard Oil.

Smooth your beards, keep a fesh smell and banish any flakes that could be caused by dry skin (the oil not only gives moisture to your facial hair, but the skin beneath the beard)

3. Have a proffesional shape your beard

Realistically your beard will not grow into a flattering shape or style on its own. There's a thin line between a high schooler's first attempt at facial hair and a handsome lumberjack. Once you've reached your desired length, it's best to have your beard trimmed and groomed.