Vegan, organic hair care products are not a Myth

Lately there is a sad truth that keeps creeping into my life.

People in every aspect of my life are getting sick. I've noticed that much of this points to the toxic nature of our daily environment.

This is a huge concern for us here at Hair By Cesare, due to the fact that I work with so many different products each day.

Not just on my clients but also with my own hands.

This got me starting to think, "Exactly what is in these products and how is it affecting me and my clients?"

We've always been very careful to choose products for the salon that are good for our clients hair. Products that make the hair healthier and do not damage.

hair care products

It not always easy to find a product with Long Lasting Color and outstanding coverage. In addition to giving daily protection to your hair from pollution and UV. We have always turned to Schwarzkopf Professional products for the hair.

But Color is not the only product we use and want to make sure is healthy its also what the client uses at home.

We recently mad a switch to a more eco conscious line of home care products. Colure Hair Collection

Colure Hair Care

The COLURE collection of hair color care is vegan, cruelty free, organic, free of sulfates, parabens, perfumes, dyes, petrolatum, wheat and soy. COLURE’s Zero Color Fade Technology uses advanced ingredient technology to leave the integrity of the intended color Illustrious and fashion-rich with absolutely no color fading or brassiness.

COLURE’s signature aromatics are made of the finest essential oils, our organic aromatics embodies a tranquil, exquisite, fresh and a pleasurable experience throughout the day.

In addition my own hands suddenly became smoother and I stopped having dry skin from washing clients hair all day. This completely surprised me, I'm not sure why because it s obvious.

I know that I will always want to continue to find the best hair care products for my clients, and its even better when I can support a local company that makes a fabulous product.

For those clients who have hair extensions, the proper stylign products will make the length of tie you can keep your extensions in healthy and tangle free longer.