Why is my hair so dry?

Did you know that hair is made from the same material that makes up fingernails, and our skins outer layer (also know as the epidermis)? The cells that make up our skin and hair are known as keratinocytes or also referred to as keratin. Sound familiar? Although the reason to why your hair could be so dry can be a multitude of issues, the biggest culprit is... HOT SHOWERS! We all (including myself) love, love, love hot showers! But here is where the keratin fact plays into the hot showers. Keratin as you may or may not know are the cells that protect and keep your hair and skin follicles moisturized. These molecules work together with the thin layer of natural oils our scalp and skin produce to retain that moisture.

What happens when we take really hot showers? Well, this hot water works against dirt and products and cleanses the hair of gross, yucky build up. But isn't that a good thing? Not really. Even though you may have been taught to believe that being squeaky clean is good, your skin and scalp thrive off the natural oils that you are stripping with that heavenly hot water. Not only is it removing what essentially protects your hair, but you are also in the same foul swoop, damaging your follicles causing your skin and hair to be so dry!

Solution: Take less hot showers, opt for luke warm showers to wash and use manageably cooler water to rinse the hair. Maybe even lessening that routine daily shower (wear a shower cap!) Not only will it help the condition of your hair and skin, but it will also prevent you from having overly porous hair which I'm sure you may have heard your stylist use to describe someones hair. Yikes!